Using Column Aliases

Using Column Aliases

When you run a query for displaying the result of a query, a column aliases is useful rename that columns with calculations, so you can change easily column header using a column aliases. Always define a column alias after the column name, by default column alias header appear in uppercase, if you use space or special characters or it’s case-sensitive so alias close in double quotation(” “) marks.

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We have three ways to define column aliases

1. Using below query we can define column alias.

SQL> select first_name name from ocp;

2. You can also define alias name with “as” keyword. Use below query for example.

SQL> select salary as sal from ocp;

3. If you want to define two word name, then use alias name in double quot “”, below query will show you Annual Salary as name of salary column.

SQL> select salary*12 "Annual Salary" from ocp;

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